Nikko's Japanese Steakhouse

Fine Japanese dining in Overland Park, Kansas.

About Us

Nikko Japanese Steakhouse is open for business!  

When entering the lobby of the Overland Park Marriott, the new sushi bar, will demand your attention for its contemporary, fresh and exciting design. The sushi menu includes an innovative selection of sushi and sashimi in addition to the traditional salmon, tuna and shrimp rolls. Nikko Japanese Steakhouse offers the traditional style of teppan yaki cooking as the menu cornerstone featuring Kobe beef, shrimp, scallops and Kansas City strip steak.  A selection of hot and cold sakes and a new specialty drink menu including fresh squeezed fruit juice cocktails make up the core beverage menu.

Nikko Japanese Steak House, located at the Overland Park Marriott hotel, has been an acclaimed dining spot since 1984. Our style of teppan-yaki cooking, teppan, meaning "steel top" and yaki meaning "cooking", is not only considered magnificent, but a truly unique dining experience. Nikko master chefs entertain you with this unique cooking style and turn an ordinary evening out into a truly magnificent dining experience. Nikko offers a wide range of menu items from filet mignon, shrimp, chicken, sushi and sashimi. Some of the most popular choices are the combination meals like, shrimp with chicken or Kansas city strip. Nikko is also kid friendly and offers a variety of items for the entire family. Your meal is not complete without a wonderful side of Japanese fried rice. Just wait until you see how it is prepared by our skilled chefs! One of our unique menu features is the use of Kobe Beef. Kobe Beef originated from Japanese feeding techniques that resulted in distinctly different characteristics which, over the years, led to cattle from the Kobe region becoming a standard for the world in terms of flavor and tenderness. Until now, the opportunity to experience the flavor and tenderness of Kobe Beef has been reserved for the very wealthy and those who have ventured to the meat producing region of Japan.

Come experience Kobe Beef and our unique style of preparing it at Nikko inside the Overland Park Marriott hotel.

Nikko is open daily for dinner only and reservations are recommended.